Are you looking for capoeira clothing, instruments or material? Thanks to our broad network of Grupo Internacional Mundo Capoeira we can help you find what you’re looking for.


T-shirts and sweaters

We have t-shirts and sweaters in different colors and designs. The offer is basd on the availability, since stock is usually limited.


Traditional pants for capoeira are called an abadá. When you join our group, we ask that you purchase an abadá with the group logo before the first batizado. We have models in all sizes, for children and adults.



Are you looking for your own berimbau so you can practice at home as well? We sell hand made berimbaus including all material needed (verga, cabaça, string, caxixi, stone, baqueta). We always advice you which type of berimbau best fits your needs.


You can also find pandeiros with us. These Brazilian tambourines ar the perfect “entry instrument” to get acquainted with the music of capoeira. A pandeiro can be made of natural skin or synthetic material. Depending on the brand of pandeiro you can choose between a basic or professional instrument.

Reparations and other instruments

Did the string of your berimbau break? Is your baqueta splintered? Our members can also consult us for help in reparing or maintaining their berimbau.

Or are you maybe looking for an atabaque, agogô or reco-reco? We can also help you with those.

Information and orders

You can always contact us for information regarding stock, prices and services. Fill in the form below to contact us and we will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.